You Can Create Your Own Scale Too (By Default Is 4.0)

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    Grading System And GPA Differ Around The World Some Countries Use Percentage But Some Uses Letters With Different Scales. But In The United States And Canada, There Are Two Popular Grading Scales For College And University Students. The First One Is 4.0 And Another Is a 4.33 Scale. In the US There Are Some Advanced Classes Also Provides By Some Colleges. Like Weighted GPA Where We Have Some More Classes Like Honors, AP/IB. But Unweighted GPA Is Standard Regular GPA. Here On Our Site Students Can Find All Popular Scales With Advanced Features.

    How to Calculate GPA?

    On our website, you can easily calculate your GPA with your own scale. If You want to calculate your GPA by yourself, then follow the below steps.

    Step 1: Enter Your Subject Credits (e.g. subject 1=3, subject 2=4).
    Step 2: Select Your Subject Grade (e.g. subject 1=B+(3.33), subject 2=C(2.00))
    Step 3: Get Sum of all Credits=(3 + 4=7)
    Step 4: Now do the multiplications (3*3.33=9.99, 4*2.00=8.00)
    Step 5: Get Sum of all multiplications (9.99 + 8.00=17.99)
    Step 6: Do the division (17.99 / 7=2.57(C+))

    How To Create Your Own GPA Scale Option Works For You

    As We Know Most Of The Schools, Colleges, And Universities Using Different GPA Scales Some May Use 4.0 And Some 4.33, And Also Have Different Values In Their Other Letter Grades. That's Why We Made This Amazing Advance Feature For Every Student And Teacher To Create Their Own Scale. Just You Have To Enter Your New Scale Or Click On Up And Down Arrow To Change Your Scale It Will Automatically Save When You Done Your New Values.

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