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Weighted Grade Is The Average Of All Grades. Where g In Formula Is Equal To Grade And (w) Is Equal To Weight. Down Below Check The Formula. Now Assume"V" Is Use For Weighted And"D" Is Use For Grade. Weighted grade = (D1×V1+ D2×V2+ D3×V3+)/(V1+V2+V3) Now Suppose The Percentage Of Every assignment Is Like This. Homework:15%, Homework2: 25%, And Homework3: 30%. Now The Grade You Obtained From Each assignment Are: Homework1: 80%, Homework2: 70%, And Homework3: 85%. Now Your Total Grade Will Be Like This. Total Grade = ( 80%x15%+ 70%x25%+85%x30%)/100% = 78.57 In Percent

How To Use This Above Calculator For Your Grades

Give Your Earned Grade In Grade Input And Type Your Weight Of That Obtained Grade And Click Calculate Button. Now If You Want More Classes Just Simply Click On Add More To Have Multiple Classes Or Subjects.

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