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You Can Create Your Own Scale Too (By Default Is 4.0)

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    Many High School Using The Same Popular Grading Scale 4.00 In The United States. So The Above Scale Is Also The Same. It's Been Always Complex For Students To Calculate Their GPA Accurately. But Here We Made It Easy For All Students. Simple, You Have To Remember Your Grading Scale And The Rest Will Do Our Site For You. You Can Calculate Your High School Cumulative GPA As Well Just By Adding Multiple Semester.

    How To Calculate High School GPA

    If You Are Student And Wasting Your Time Just Using Formula. Then You Are On The Right Site To Calculate Your GPA Here Jut Put Your Credits And Select Your Grade Letter And Click Calculate. And If You Want Multiple Semester GPAs Just To Add More Semester Button And You Can Add More Subjects Too.

    High School Grading Scale
    Letter GradesGrades In PercentScale4.00
    FBelow Than 650.0

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