College GPA Calculator 4.33

College GPA Calculator

4.33 Scale

Calculate Your College GPA With 4.33 Scale. You Can Calculate Honors, College/AP, And IB In Weighted GPA And Regular Will Be Unweighted GPA.

GPA Calculator College

You Must Know Grading Scale Before Calculating Your GPA. This Is a 4.33 Grading Scale Where A+ Is Equal To 4.33 And "A" Is Equal To 4.00. Also, Other Letters Differ From 4.00 In This Grading Scale. In The United States, Most Colleges Using This Scale In Their Calculation. Now Here You Will Have Many Features To Get Your Result. Like You Can Use Weighted GPA With Unweighted GPA.

How To Calculate GPA

Select Your Scale And Type Your Subject Name And Give You Total Credits And Simply Select Your Letter Grade To Calculate. Also, You Can Add Many Semester With Multiple Subjects Just Click Add More Subjects And Add More Semesters.

College Grading Scale
Letter GradesGrades In PercentScale 4.33
A 85-894.00
A- 80-843.67
B+ 77-793.33
B 73-763.0
C+ 65-692.33
C 60-642.0
C- 55-591.7
D 50-541.0
E 0-490.0

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