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Advanced GPA Calculator For College And University Students. With Multiples Features Like UnWeighted GPA And Weighted GPA Calculation With Honors, AP/IB, And College Advanced Classes.

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Grading System And GPA Differ Around The World Some Countries Use Percentage But Some Uses Letters With Different Scales. But In The United States And Canada, There Are Two Popular Grading Scales For College And University Students. The First One Is 4.0 And Another Is a 4.33 Scale. In the US There Are Some Advanced Classes Also Provides By Some Colleges. Like Weighted GPA Where We Have Some More Classes Like Honors, AP/IB. But Unweighted GPA Is Standard Regular GPA. Here On Our Site Students Can Find All Popular Scales With Advanced Features.

How To Calculate GPA

First You Have To Select Your Scale And Then Type Your Subject Name Which Is Optional. And Then Give Your Credit For That Specific Subject Select Letter And Click On Calculate Button Down Below. You, Will, See Your Result On The Right Side With Many Advanced Results Features.

College Grading Scale
Letter GradesGrades In PercentScale 4.00
A 93-964.00
A- 90-923.7
B+ 87-893.3
B 83-863.0
C+ 77-792.3
C 73-762.0
C- 70-721.7
D+ 67-691.3
D 65-661.0
F Below Than 650.0

College GPA Calculator
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